Top 11 Canva Alternatives to Try in 2024

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Are you a social media marketer, design specialist, or business owner? You already know that stunning visuals are crucial to a successful campaign. But relying solely on a particular platform like Canva isn’t feasible. It will limit your creativity, making your campaign look boring. If you want to enhance your images beyond the basic editing, it’s time to look at other Canva alternatives. 

Canva’s contribution to revolutionizing the way designs are created today is phenomenal. Its simple graphic design tools have helped designers from all experience levels. Even non-designers can use this online design tool to get the desired effects. 

But it isn’t the only DIY tool for the designers in the market. There are plenty of such tools available to create engaging images and visuals. Most of them come with cleaner interfaces and unique features. Here’s a list of the best Canva alternatives to help you out. 

Top 11 Canva Alternatives to Try in 2024

Graphic designers and marketers have plenty of options to explore when they look for options to replace Canva. Many of these software are equally effective regarding editing and other features. Here is our list of top options when looking for the best Canva alternatives.

01. Designhill Studio

Designhill Studio is a leading Canva alternative that visual creators have explored for years. As a professional or a beginner, you can use this tool to create a wide range of visuals, such as logos and other brand materials. It has an in-built library of easy-to-edit templates to let you make changes in design elements such as fonts, colors, icons, shapes, and images. 

You can upload your design to the studio and customize it further to meet your promotional requirements. The studio has multiple helpful and professional editing features. Since the online editor is simple and works as a logo design tool as well, anyone with a bit of design experience can create a logo. 

Alternatively, the site has a dedicated logo maker tool for the same purpose. Just like the Designhill Studio, the logo generator has a simple interface for creating custom brand identity

Key Features:

Clean and straightforward interface
All the editing tools
FREE to use 
A vast library of customizable & ready-to-use templates
Handy tools for professionals and novices 
Works as an all-in-one design solution

02. Snappa

Snappa is a powerful Canva alternative you can try in 2024 to create visuals for your blogs, ads, and social media. You can leverage the templates when designing your visuals. Even beginners can start their creative work without any issues. They have plenty of stock images to pick per their requirements. It boasts of over 5 million unique stock images. You can quickly remove or add backgrounds to enhance your images or make them memorable. 

You can also schedule and share your graphics using the tool through its Buffer account using the dedicated button. This simple tool has all the basic design features for creating and publishing visuals.  

Key features

Custom design dimensions
Basic image editor
Social media scheduling tool
Photo background remover
Thousands of Social media content templates
High-resolution stock photos and graphics
Team collaboration tools
Speech bubbles  
Free to use
A vast library of graphics, icons, and stock photos 

03. Visme

Visme is popular with graphic designers and other professionals who regularly create unique images for brand promotion and other purposes. It is one tool to create various visuals, including infographics, social media pages, and presentations. Visme is also known for its unique features to handle audio and video content effectively. Its drag-and-drop editing lets even beginners create their dream visuals, including animations.  

The software comes loaded with all the advanced features to create different media content using its vast reservoir of free-to-use stock images. Its ready-to-use templates are customizable to fit them to your requirements. 

Key features

Free stock images and videos
Customizable templates
Basic analytics
Project export options
Cloud-based content
Theme colors
Data visualization
Team collaboration features
Animation tools 
Free and paid versions 

04. VistaCreate

Vista Create is a popular Canva alternative with multiple templates for every business and industry. The templates come in various formats and styles and are helpful for social media, print, marketing, and other purposes. 

You can choose from a vast collection of animated illustrations based on your requirements. This software is helpful for those who want to divert from Canva a bit, as the images are professional and different.

Key Features 

A vast collection of unique images 
Stickers that look like Instagram stories 
Tools to create visuals for social media 
Professional and fun-filled design tools 
Special features for bloggers and small businesses 
Free to use

05. Placeit

Placit is a more accessible tool for creating and editing images. It comes with lots of updated templates that you can customize. But its specialty is in product mockups. This Canva alternative requires just dragging your design onto the mockups and getting it ready for use. So, you can put your shirt design, mugs, hoodies, business cards, banners, face masks, etc., on top of the mockups to have your design in a specific frame. 

It is also helpful in creating gaming overlays, logos, and social media videos. You can explore Placeit to create your stunning visuals for brand promotion activities.

Key features

T-shirt and apparel design 
Social media graphics
Print media templates
Free design templates
Mockup generator
Customizable business logos
Gaming overlays
Unlimited subscription service
Ready to use video templates
Freemium option 

06. Pixlr X

Pixlr X is a versatile photo editor software with multiple helpful features. It boasts more than 50,000 templates, a great library of fonts, and other design elements. The tool supports different file formats and lets the users access advanced features such as curves, layers, levels, and collaboration features.

You also get AI-powered tools, such as image generator and auto fix. It is a comprehensive online image editing solution. 

Key features: 

Suitable for casual photographers, content creators, small business owners
Multiple easy image editing tools 
Many essential tools for amateur designers
Supports advanced features 
Several collaborative tools
Freemium option 

07. Easil

Easil is amongst the easiest Canva alternatives with drag-and-drop features. This DIY tool for creating graphic design is known for simplifying the complicated design process. It lets you quickly access colors, fonts, symbols, logos, and other elements from its store. You also have multiple helpful templates and millions of stock images per your business and industry. 

Like other such software, Easily also comes equipped with all the collaboration tools for teamwork. It also lets the members edit, remove, or add while working on a project. Its Text Mask tool is impressive in giving glittering and metallic textures to the text and graphics of your choice. 

Key features:

Drag-and-drop editor
Professionally designed templates
Social media scheduling
Collaboration and organizational tools
Resizable designs
Brand kit feature
Stock photos library
Freemium option 

08. Venngage

Venngage is particularly helpful in creating unique infographics. Using this tool to make the statistics visually appealing, you can give your data an exciting turn. With Venngage, even non-designers can design infographics for businesses using its designed templates. You can use this Canva alternative to perform multiple tasks such as editing, uploading, and more 

Venngage is also helpful in creating banners, white papers, certificates, organizational charts, coupons, ebooks, and many other such designs. Its collaboration tool lets you invite team members to work on a project. 

Key features:

Multiple customization options
Real-time collaboration
Unique infographic templates
Smart data visualization
Templates for a variety of content
Several export options
Data import ability 
great library of images, icons, and illustrations
Freemium option 

09. Stencil

Stencil is another effective alternative to Canva when designers need tools to create graphics quickly for different channels. One of the biggest advantages of Stencil is its extensive library of over 5 million royalty-free stock photos. These high-resolution images cover all aspects of life, business, and industry. 

You also can get suggestions from Stencil on what images and their sizes should go on your Facebook page. But you can also create a custom-sized image that fits your requirements. This is an ideal tool when posting inspirational quotes on social channels; you can depend on this tool. 

Key features:

High-quality icons and graphics
Social media graphic templates
WordPress integration 
Image resizing tools
Millions of royalty-free photos
Custom image creation tool
Customizable logo maker tool
Social media sharing tools 
Buffer integration

10. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is another popular editing software for creating and publishing graphics, video stories, and web pages. This site has many solutions for collaborating with your team while working on a project. You can personalize a project using your logo and brand colors. The tool allows you to upload images from your cloud storage or device.

You also have access to different apps for Android and iOS users. You can use this tool to create a variety of banners, logos, flyers, posters, slideshows, YouTube thumbnails, etc. This fast and user-friendly video and image editor helps easily customize and personalize your graphics for effective social media marketing. 

Key features:

Free images, stock videos, and music
Video and photo format converter
Hundreds of image templates
Generative AI features
Collaboration tools
Content scheduler
Photo and video editor
Video templates for Instagram reels, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and PDF editor 
Both free and paid options 

11. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is also a popular solution when looking for a logo design tool, ads, and social media pages. You can insert the desired effects into your images easily by adding or removing backgrounds. Its Smart Resize tool is ideal for resizing an image per a social media page requirement. Using a slider, you also access its Color Changer Effect to give an object a desired color. It has many helpful presentation templates as well. 

What’s more? You can explore PicMoney to access iStock, Getty, and Unsplash stock photos. The tool is also good for touching images and accomplishing effects such as smooth skin, changing hair color, and whitening teeth.  

Key features:

Graphics and text overlay
Business card and logo designer
Powerful photo editor
Image design tools
Free templates 
Thousands of  graphics, stock images, and icons
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest photo templates
Collage maker
Multiple touch-up tools
Presentation templates
Free to use 

These are the top alternatives to Canva you can explore for your specific graphic design requirements. Which one of these online graphic design software will work best for you? Compare them for their features and determine which can bring extra effect to your visuals for brand promotion and other purposes. 

Remember, it only takes an average of 7 seconds for people to create an impression of your brand, so choose a tool that lets you make engaging visuals.

Wrapping Up 

Designhill is a popular Canva alternative tool among designers who create many visuals to market and promote a business. But there are plenty of alternative sites that are equally impressive for creating graphics and visuals. These sites have all the essential tools as well as specific features. Comparing them can help determine the right tool for your particular needs.

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