Top 15 Freelance Brochure Designers For Hire In 2022

Last updated on December 14th, 2021

One of the oldest tricks in the ever-changing marketing playbook, the brochure is still as effective a marketing collateral as any, which is why brochure designers are quite in demand. And even though the new-age digital elements have started dominating the modern scenario of marketing, traditional strategies like a brochure still evoke a sense of trust in the audience like no other. In fact a lot of trusted sources have been pointing towards statistics that mark physical marketing collaterals to be more powerful an initiator than ever.

Data suggests that physical marketing collaterals are more persuasive to drive customer engagement as they instill a deep sense of memory better than digital elements.

So much so, that at present the perfect kind of marketing imperatively uses a quintessential blend of digital and physical elements to be integrated in all strategies.

And that folks, is a massive load to juggle! But we get it.

Hence, when it comes to you scratching your head, hovering over brochure projects to finish, Designhill, the one-stop solution to all your design needs has got your back.

You can count on these selected designers to create for you the kind of marketing material of any brochure sizes that scream the exact blend of what you need and what you want, handing you over a final product of sheer flawlessness.

Kudos to these designers whose talents have taken them quite a way through design territories. Keep reading to find the one closest to your heart or your brochure design project.

Listed Below Is A Specially Curated List Of The Top Freelance Brochure Designers For Hire In 2022

01. Graphictech

A very talented designer from Pakistan, Graphictech has been a much-valued member of Designhill since May, 2016 and have been rocking the design scene ever since. He specialises in various marketing collateral designs.

He is enthusiastic in designing brochures, business cards, stationery, custom t-shirts and many more. With his number one rank, the ‘pro designer’ tag, 8 years of experience and 316 contest wins, he is one of the most trustworthy designers to land your project exactly the way you want it.

02. X-arts™

Another gifted graphic designer from Pakistan, X-arts™ has been our member since May, 2015. His skills are versatile and unique. His skills include designing merchandise, digital art, vector art, illustrations, graphic designs, web designs, logo design, packaging design, label design.

His apt motto speaks of how originality is always better than imitation and how quality work always manages to satisfy his clients. With his 3rd rank, the ‘pro designer’ tag and 150 contest wins, you can close your eyes and hand over your brochure design requirements to him with a strong belief that your project is in the best hands.

03. Green20

This accomplished designer from Indonesia has been our member since March, 2016. His skills are numerous and include designing typography art, lettering art, business illustrations, logos, graphic design, mobile design, packaging and labels, digital art, vector art and many more.

His prompt response, years of experience, 103 contest wins and the 5th rank, the ‘pro designer’ tags speak of his expertise in a way that words cannot. You can trust this designer to design a flawless brochure for you.

04. Strezout7z

This adept designer from Ghana has been our dear member since November, 2016. His skills include graphic design,UI Design, UX Design, Web Design, Packaging Design, Label Design, Logo Design and many more. His about gives us an idea about his primary strength of creative intuition.

He compliments his experience “with clients from all walks of life” to always strive towards bringing out the best in his creative self. With his 101 contest wins till date, holding the 6th rank as our much-valued designer, this artist is somebody you can count on to complete your brochure just the way you’ve visioned it.

05. Gates26

This designer from Tamil Nadu, our member since 2015, is another accomplished designer with uncountable skills. These include graphic design, web design, app design, illustrations, packaging designer, label design, merchandise design, logos and many more.

This professional designer with 5 years of experience in the design industry, specializes in designing, branding and logos. With 98 contest wins, this believer is another excellent choice if you want your brochure in one of the most proficient hands.

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06. Zaforiqbal

This creative professional from Bangladesh is another skilled graphic, web, illustration and logo designer. With several years of experience in the graphic design scene, he is an expert when it comes to creating creative logo designs, corporate identities, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, brochures and all kinds of official stationery items.

His 100% positive feedback from customers, guaranteed expertise and services, 94 contest wins and sheer creative talents are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to you choosing him for your precious brochure project, which you can hand him over with closed eyes.

07. Jay Design

This designer from West Bengal is a very adept illustration designer, packaging and label designer, merchandise designer, logos, graphic, UI, mobile and web designer.

This proficient designer who initially specialized in logos has experience in this field for as many as 20 years, during which he successfully completed as many as 2 lakh projects.

Apart from these, his 90 contest wins with us and the top 10 rank will definitely help you realize how choosing this designer can get you one of the best outcomes of your brochure project.

08. Carol Young

This graphic designer from Connecticut, United States, has multiple skills over a huge area ranging from logo design, illustrations, packaging, labels, vector art, doodle art, drawing art, illustrations, paintings, visual art, graphic design and many more.

This “seasoned designer and fine artist” has plenty years of experience working as a “Creative Director in the marketing and promotions industry”.

Gifted with many talents, entrepreneurship being one, fulfils this professional’s passion of being a full-time artist in her very own company, The Creative Barn.

She loves designing logos and printed materials as well as paint contemporary landscapes with special focus on rural architecture as a fine artist. Her 77 contest wins speak of her enormous expertise. Choose Young for an artistically unique brochure.

09. Sallee

Another of our fellow members, this brilliant graphic designer from Serbia is a digital artist, logo and illustration designer, packaging and label designer and overall outstandingly creative.

With an almost extravagant experience as a designer, specializing in company identity and logo design, this one is quite a ‘pro’ member of the Designhill community. With 74 contest wins, you can count on Sallee to rob you of your admiration with an amazing brochure outcome.

10. Logoattack

Rather new, but not the least, actually one of our top 15 in our brochure designers’ list, this peerless Philippino designer has been with us only since 2017 and already won 73 contests.

This professional has an extremely wide range of skills including drawing art, tattoo art, character design, caricature art, cartoons, illustrations, paintings, wall painting art, calligraphy art, hand lettering art, typography art, lettering art, graphic, stickers, logo designs, vector and doodle art and uncountable more.

The passionate graphic artist loves infusing unique and clever out-of-the-box originality in his creations. Choose this designer for a strikingly unique brochure, only if 73 design contest wins mean something to you.

11. Sara

Another graphic designer from United States dazzles this Top 15 list of our’s. UI, UX design, mobile designs, web design, logos, apps, illustrations, packaging, labels, merchandise and graphic designs, you name it and this artist will hand you your project, done and to be appreciated with a guarantee.

Don’t believe us but the 20+ years of experience in “delivering expectations” flawlessly along with 73 contest wins are pretty self-explanatory, we’d say.

12. Logodsgns

This expert designer from Bangladesh rocking our list of Top 15 brochure designers is another chosen professional. This creative expert is adept in quite many versatile creations that include graphic design, photography, illustrations, typography art, logo designs and many more.

Tanbir Rahman’s plenty of experience working as a logo designer and illustration artist throughout the career, along with 71 contest wins, surely scream of this pro’s superior capabilities to hand you an outstanding brochure.

13. Aarif Chanchal

This impressive graphic designer from Bangladesh is skilled in web, logos, apps, illustrations, packaging,labels and graphic designing. He feels how creativity is truly limitless and how his work continues to be his sole identity.

His creativity flows even through his profile description and he wins some hearts when he says “client’s satisfaction is my duty and I know how to achieve that.” Chanchal with his 70 contest wins is another competent designer to consider strongly for your brochure project.

14. Lbdesigns

Another fine designer from Philippines, this one is skilled to perfection when it comes to graphic design, UI design, UX design, mobile design, web design, app design, label design, logos and many more.

The profile description gives us a glimpse of this artist’s expertise which talks about “fresh, efficient, meaningful and brilliant Ideas with amazing aesthetics.”

The designer’s ultimate aim includes “pursuing excellence” when it comes to creating intelligent designs that successfully interact to an audience as he believes that “a design is not just a drawing” but a solution to mass interaction.

With 66 contest wins and several years of experience, we are confident that this pro will manage to rock your brochure project just the way he has been rocking our design scene since 2016.

15. Graptive Design

This graphic designer from Uttar Pradesh, our much-loved member since 2015, is another good choice for your brochure project. This artist’s skills are uncountable and include packaging, labels, merchandise, UI, mobile, logos, Illustrations, graphic art and many more designs.

The professional specializes in logos, branding, web design and many more, and offers superior set of skills to design services meant for businesses of every size, all around the world. When it comes to your brochure design project and choosing this expert, his 8 years experience along with 64 contest wins are pretty self-explanatory.

Now you’re in sync with the most proficient brochure designers truly worth your time, money and projects. And because time is of the essence, we would never appreciate you wasting it.


Our list of the most adept brochure designers truly worth choosing for your brochure design project will definitely relieve you of your struggles and juggles when it comes to nailing your physical marketing collaterals, specifically those tricky brochures. Feel free to sigh and let go of your brochure project, once you hand them over to these experts along with a detailed brief. Then grin later because your brochure will not only be safe but will most likely turn out to be a real piece of beauty. You’re welcome.

Happy marketing!

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