Trip.Biz Sets New Milestones in Global Business Travel at Global Partner Conference

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Empowering Intelligent and Efficient Business Travel through Innovation and Collaboration

SINGAPORE, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Group’s Global Partner Summit and Trip.Biz Partner Conference, held on October 24, 2023, marked a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit of globalization. Under the theme “Persisting in Boundless Exploration,” the event emphasized Trip.Biz’s commitment to becoming a global frontrunner in the business travel industry.

During the conference, Group COO Xiong Xing attended the launch ceremony of the “Global Impact Plan” and emphasized Trip.Biz’s commitment to bringing a unique perspective to the international TMC industry.

The Road to Globalization: Growth from the Ground Up

Steven Zhang, the VP of Group and CEO of Trip.Biz, presented the comprehensive “Global Impact Plan,” which comprises three key components: the “Global Partner Growth Program,” the “Global Business Travel Service System,” and “Digitalization Practices.”

He highlighted Trip.Biz’s dedication to exploring new countries and regions, helping global partners achieve globalization and digitalization. Trip.Biz has consistently strived for excellence in technology innovation, smart services, financial management, and global resources.

Tech Innovation: Reshaping the Value of Global Business Travel

Tao Song, CTO and General Manager of International Business at Trip.Biz, showcased the commitment to exploring and applying cutting-edge technology. Trip.Biz’s “Automated Processing System” and “Mobile Solutions” are now at the forefront of the world’s TMC industry.

This year, Trip.Biz has implemented over 120 technology improvements. Trip.Biz also developed the “Gear Project” – an AI-based industry think tank that elevates professionalism and fosters a tech-driven service mindset within the TMC industry.

Smart Services: Discovering Best Practices in Global Smart Services

Trip.Biz has established international service sites across Greater China, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Europe. After extensive testing and improvement, international service quality has surged by 80%, with the international service defect rate reduced to an impressive 0.034%.

Integrating AI technology, Trip.Biz introduces Smart Calling, Smart Online Manager, and Smart Email Generator. These innovative tools enable accurate responses to enterprise needs within 1 second, boasting a remarkable 99% accuracy rate.

Financial Management: Digitalizing Corporate Travel Management

Trip.Biz Global Payment Solutions has expanded its coverage to include four major business travel scenarios and offers a range of diversified corporate account payment methods, including UATP, BTA, and VCC payments.

Now, more than 88% of Trip.Biz’s total transaction volume is made through corporate account payments, ensuring clarity and convenience for businesses through integrated reconciliation and settlements.

Global Resources: Jointly Spearheading Global Business Travel Advancement

Trip.Biz brought together industry experts to discuss global collaboration and development in the panel discussion. The guests emphasized the significance of deep cooperation to maximize the synergistic effect.

Trip.Biz currently offers international flights covering 147 countries and continues to pursue TMC IATA accreditation in 27 countries and regions. The business travel hotel network spans over 230 countries and regions, with partnerships established with nearly 2.4 million hotels worldwide. The international ride-hailing services cover over 60 countries and more than 600 cities.

Global Partner Growth Program: Empowering Multi-Win Cooperation

Trip.Biz’s global development has been closely intertwined with the support and collaboration of numerous partners. In light of this, Violet Zong, the CMO of Trip.Biz, launched and provided an in-depth explanation of the “Global Partner Growth Program”. The program encompasses multiple initiatives aimed at empowering global partners to thrive and succeed.

One of Trip.Biz’s key business partners, Unilever, actively participated in the conference. Vijay V Kulkarni, the Asia Pacific Travel & Expenses Manager at Unilever Limited, shared insights on how Unilever is actively pursuing strategic transformation while successfully implementing global travel management solutions. He highlighted the significance of cutting-edge technology and partners with a strong service mindset in unlocking new opportunities. He expressed confidence in Trip.Biz’s ability to deliver the desired results, given their unique combination of capabilities.

In the future, Trip.Biz is dedicated to leveraging digital capabilities, technological innovation, and an unwavering service mindset to enhance business travel management. This commitment supports global partners in improving efficiency and unlocking greater business potential.

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