Twelve architecture projects to look out for in 2024

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From the conversion of a Norwegian silo to a green-roofed Japanese villa, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting architecture projects that are scheduled for completion in 2024.

Render courtesy of Sou Fujimoto

Not A Hotel Ishigaki, Japan, by Sou Fujimoto

Upcoming architecture projects in Japan include Not A Hotel Ishigaki, a disc-shaped villa with a swooping walkable roof that will incorporate a meadow, tree and pond.

Designed by Sou Fujimoto for Ishigaki Island, the rentable home will be designed without a front or back and prioritise outward views to ensure occupants feel “the comfort of nature all day long”.

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Render courtesy of Kéré Architecture

National Assembly of Benin, Benin, by Kéré Architecture

Kéré Architecture is due to complete the National Assembly of Benin in West Africa in 2024. The government building is being designed for Porto-Novo and will have a top-heavy form modelled on palaver trees, a species used by generations of West African communities as places to host public gatherings and make communal decisions.

“This project gives shape to our ideas about community gathering, the importance of indigenous forms of governance and what contemporary African architecture can be on a national scale,” said the studio’s founder Diébédo Francis Kéré.

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Kunstsilo, Norway, by MX_SI and Mestres Wåge Arquitectes

After much anticipation, the Kunstsilo art museum and cultural centre will open in Norway within a converted 1930s grain silo. It was originally expected to be completed in 2020.

The design was the winning entry of an international competition in 2016, chosen for the way it respected the historical structure. Just a few openings will be made in its interior to house the circulation areas, while an adjoining warehouse will house the exhibition space for modern art.

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Render courtesy of OMA

Simone-Veil Bridge, France, by OMA

Another late arrival in 2024 is the Simone-Veil Bridge, which OMA has designed to accommodate cars, bikes and pedestrians in Bordeaux while doubling as an events space.

The studio said the project aims to “rethink the civic function and symbolism of a twenty-first-century bridge”. OMA first unveiled its design in 2013, originally targeting a 2018 opening date.

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Render courtesy of ATCHAIN

Jinghe New City Culture and Art Centre, China, by Zaha Hadid Architects

One of Zaha Hadid Architects‘ most exciting upcoming projects is an art centre that will meander over an eight-lane motorway in Xi’an.

Named Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre, it will comprise cultural and recreational facilities interspersed with courtyards and outdoor areas.

According to the studio, it will be intended to emulate the “valleys carved by the Jinghe River through the mountains and landscapes of Shaanxi province”.

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Render courtesy of BIG

Kaktus Towers, Denmark, by BIG

Over six years since BIG first unveiled the design, the spikey-looking Kaktus Towers will reach completion in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district this year.

Their distinctive look will be achieved through the rotation of floorplates, with their corners opened up as planted balconies. They won’t be far from BIG’s new headquarters, which it will also complete this year in the capital’s Nordhavn port district.

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Render courtesy of Michael Shvo

Transamerica Pyramid, USA, by Foster + Partners

In the USA, the overhaul of the iconic Transamerica Pyramid will be completed by Foster + Partners. The landmark building, which was built in 1972, was the tallest in San Francisco for almost 50 years until the Salesforce Tower was built.

The substantial renovation of the modernist skyscraper will see its interior and exterior brought up to modern-day standards, while the adjoining Redwood Park is also reinvigorated.

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Render courtesy of MAD

China Philharmonic Concert Hall, China, by MAD

This year will see MAD‘s China Philharmonic Concert Hall complete in Beijing, which will become the first permanent residence for the country’s philharmonic orchestra.

MAD released construction photos in 2023 that revealed its undulating silver facade, which it designed to be “reminiscent of a piece of jade”.

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Render courtesy of Heatherwick Studio

Juneau Avenue, USA, by Heatherwick Studio

One of the most unusual projects on the list is Juneau Avenue, a public park with a “motorcycle amphitheatre” that Heatherwick Studio is creating on an old parking lot.

It will offer outside space for employees at the adjacent Harley-Davidson headquarters, while also providing the company with a venue for public events such as motorcycle rallies.

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Render courtesy of Alison Brooks

Rubicon, UK, by Alison Brooks

This housing project is set to be completed in Cambridge by RIBA House of the Year-winning studio Alison Brooks Architects.

Named Rubicon, it will comprise homes modelled on old lofts, warehouses and mills, which the studio said are seen “as ideal structures for contemporary lifestyles” today.

There will be 186 units spread across five buildings, each finished with pastel-hued glazed bricks and an abundance of bike storage to align with the city’s reputation as the UK’s cycling capital.

Render courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Pathé Palace, France, by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Another project on the list that involves an existing building is Pathé Palace, a seven-screen cinema complex that Renzo Piano‘s studio is crafting from an art deco structure in the heart of Paris.

The project will involve the revival of its 1929 rotunda, the creation of a head office for cinema company Pathé and the introduction of a statement atrium at its centre.

Nearby, Notre-Dame Cathedral will also reopen following the devastating fire in 2019, after French president Emmanuel Macron set an ambitious target for its restoration to finish in time for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Render courtesy of Snøhetta

Čoarvemátta, Norway, by Snøhetta

Snøhetta fans will be excited to hear that the studio has several projects opening in 2024, but one of its most interesting is Čoarvemátta.

Čoarvemátta is a rural facility that will be shared by the Sámi National Theater Beaivváš and Sámi High School and Reindeer Husbandry School – two key institutions in Norway’s traditional Sápmi region that is traditionally inhabited by the Sámi people.

Its curving wooden form, which is being modelled on a reindeer horn, will contain spaces dedicated to traditional Sámi handicrafts and reindeer herding culture.

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