Type Tuesday: In Search For Typographic Solutions

OGV Design Studio is an art and design practice focused on visual communication and strategic design founded by Serbian graphic designer Ognjen Gligorijevic. Newly, the designer worked on a project titled “In Search For Typographic Solutions” that showcases and explores 27 typographic explorations. Created in quarantine, the book exhibits brave and boundary-pushing pieces, inspiring designers that these self-exploratory projects can be the most motivating and self-motivating.

The publication “In Search for Typographic Solutions” was created during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Ognjen Gligorijević, a Graphic and Type Designer from Serbia. The book showcases 27 works designed during the author’s period of typographic exploration. It consists of three chapters: Typography, Publication Design, and Poster Design. The author’s intention with this book is to inspire other designers to be true to themselves.

“After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I embarked on an adventure to explore typography more profoundly. This inquiry is what kept me inspired during my hard times in quarantine. Whilst searching for typographic solutions, I also underwent a self-explorative journey. I introspectively discovered myself and confronted both my raw side and the side which I was afraid to face. The Typography chapter is in a way a visual representation of that journey. It reflects my random thoughts and the music I was listening to while making the typeface. However, my main aspiration is to encourage other designers to go one step further and do the things they are scared of doing. I believe this is how we find our purpose because the only way to find something is to search for it.”

Project Credits
Ognjen Gligorijevic

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