Weekly News for Designers № 717

Being Picky about a CSS Reset for Fun & Pleasure

Chris Coyier discusses the Andy Bell’s recently revamped CSS reset.

Best Practices for an Intuitive Mobile Dashboard UI

Tips for navigation, tables and charts, button UX, and interactivity to create a smooth mobile dashboard experience.

Get into the Halloween Spirit with These Spooky Snippets

Creative examples of how you can turn CSS, HTML & JS into something spooky. Turn the lights down and prepare yourself for some Halloween fun!

The Secret Formula for Apple’s Rounded Corners

Arun Venkatesan delves into the hidden formula that determines the roundness of each Apple product.

When to Nest CSS

CSS nesting is a great addition to the language, but it should be used with caution.

Unstock SVG Icons

Free AI generated SVG icons.

Where Does Dreamweaver Fit in Modern Web Design?

It’s worth asking whether the popular code editor Dreamweaver still has a place in modern web design. Has it become irrelevant?

Scrollbars are Becoming a Problem

Scrollbars are getting smaller and this is increasingly becoming a problem.

Styling External Links with Attribute Selectors

Learn how to use attribute selectors to style external links.

Why WordPress Theme & Plugin Demos Aren’t Easy

Both users and product makers could benefit from demos. But there are challenges involved. Here’s a look at what stands in the way.

The Unpredictable Life of a Freelance Web Designer

Sometimes web designers need to shift gears faster than a Ferrari. How do we cope with it? And what can we do to lessen the need?

Preparing for the End of Third-Party Cookies

If your site uses third-party cookies it’s time to take action as we approach their deprecation.

What is Design-Driven Development?

State of the Woo 2023

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