Weekly News for Designers № 718

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What Removing Object Properties Tells Us About JavaScript
Removing properties in JavaScript might not sound thrilling, yet various methods exist to accomplish this task.

Protomaps Open-Source World Map
A new, free, open source map of the world, deployable as a single static file on cloud storage.

Ideas for Image Motion Trail Animations
Some examples for mouse or touch responsive animations where images are shown along the path of the user motion.

2023 Design Collaboration Report
370+ designers across different industries contribute their thoughts on design collaboration

The Grumpy Designer Ponders What It Means To ‘Learn’ AI
What should web designers be learning about AI? Do we need to learn anything at all? The Grumpy Design has a few unscientific ideas to share with you.

CSS Findings From Photoshop Web Version
Ahmad Shadeed dives into the CSS of the new web version of Photoshop.

The Three Cs
When serving and storing files on the web, there are a number of different things we need to take into consideration: Concatenate, Compress, Cache.

Introduction to Web Sustainability
Learn how you you can contribute to building a greener and sustainable web.

Scroll-Driven State Transfer

Best Photographer Logo Templates in 2023
A collection of templates for creating a stunning logo for photographers, or inspiration for designing your own.

Design Books for Non-Designers
A collection of books to give non-designers a better understanding of design.

Solid.js Creator Outlines Options to Reduce JavaScript Code
Ryan Carniato, the mind behind Solid.js, believes it’s time for a leaner JavaScript. Here’s his guide to trimming the code.

Burn Your Toast
When using a toast component, the key question is: Is the content necessary?

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