West Coast Design: Five of the Most Stylish Restaurants in the Area

If you’re planning a trip to the West Coast, then it’s not just the perfect climate, miles of coastline, hidden beaches, and laid-back lifestyle that you’ve got to look forward to. You’re also going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out.

California, Washington, and Oregon are home to some of the most stylish places to eat in the USA: below are the must-visit restaurants in the area – be sure to check out at least one of these eateries during your trip for a chic culinary experience like no other.

Juniper and Ivy

West Coast Design

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If your trip takes you in the vicinity of San Diego, then a trip to Juniper and Ivy, located on the outskirts of Little Italy, is a must. Originally a warehouse constructed in the 1920s, the building which houses the restaurant has now been renovated to create a space that fuses modernity with glimpses of the building’s history. Open beams, concrete and metal mesh with sumptuous cream leather chairs, warm wooden tables, and contemporary artworks make for a truly unique design here that reflects the industrial past of the building.

For the team at Juniper and Ivy, changing the way that we think about food is the driving force: encouraging diners to think about the way that food is gathered, prepared, shared, and experienced is paramount. The menus constantly change to reflect the ingredients that local farmers and fishers deliver to the restaurant each morning. Hand-selected, seasonal food is key.

Expect to indulge in dishes such as Kurobuta Pork Chop, served with peach mustard and pickled carrot, Whole Fried Snapper, accompanied by green garlic relish, herb salad, and charred lemon, or, for a lighter bite, Beets, and Cherries, plated up with pistachio butter, badger flame vinaigrette, and anise hyssop.

Marjorie Restaurant

West Coast Design

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The ethos behind Seattle’s Marjorie Restaurant is to offer diners ‘food for the soul’ – and this eatery’s hordes of fans suggest they’ve succeeded. It’s not just the food that brings in the guests: stylistically, the restaurant is a hidden treasure.

The restaurant furniture is a wonderfully eclectic mix of contemporary and original. Wooden tables are surrounded by chairs painted in fabulously bold colors, the ceiling is hung with raw silk fabric, and the walls are vibrant with artworks. The design extends to the cute heated patio, where guests can also choose to dine, surrounded by a small, pretty jungle of potted plants in vibrant containers.

The menu on offer here reflects seasonality and is globally inspired. Ingredients are locally sourced and used to create a fascinating range of dishes that include Jamaican Jerked Chicken with collard greens and tofu (diners can also choose the Jerked Tofu option), Roasted Yam Tacos, accompanied by avocado puree, red cabbage, rice, and beans, or opt for the Grilled Pork Chop with butter beans, roasted carrot, and grilled kale. A four-course seasonal Chef’s Tasting Menu is also served nightly – it includes an amuse-bouche of the restaurant’s famous plantain offerings to sample.


West Coast Design

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Nestled in the Mount Tabor area of Portland, Songbird is focused on providing farm-to-table food in a contemporary, cozy space. The minimalistic design merges beautifully with quirky elements such as the bright red bar-stool, blue light fixtures, and white oak feature wall. But it’s not just the unique aesthetic that diners flock to this eatery to experience.

Songbird serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, with innovative specials that change daily. Expect delicious offerings such as hearty servings of Goats Cheese, mushrooms, and Rosemary Quiche, Eggs and Bruschetta served with seared greens and a balsamic reduction, and Wild Boar Bolognese Rigatoni. 

The emphasis here is on providing a relaxed, friendly, and intimate dining experience and making fine dining an accessible proposition.

Bar Sajor

West Coast Design

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If you find yourself in the Seattle area, then a trip to Bar Sajor is sure to be a highlight. Housed in a historic building in Pioneer Square, this restaurant embraces a Mediterranean vibe: high ceilings and tall windows create an airy, light-filled space that’s emphasized by the collection of mirrors that adorn the walls. White beadboard wainscotting, brass elements, and a range of eclectic installations complete the look. 

Bar Sajor has an open organized kitchen, allowing guests to watch the chef and team create the sumptuous dishes on offer. You’re likely to find yourself facing a difficult decision; should you opt for the Smoked Halibut Pate Tartine, the Wood-Fired Chicken, or King Salmon Cured in Dill? Whatever you plump for, you’re guaranteed a fabulous dining experience.

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Bottega Louie

West Coast Design

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A unique concept, this establishment, located in Los Angele, features a restaurant, patisserie, and gourmet goods market – so you can recreate the meal you’ve enjoyed at home!

The space was created for the restaurant team by View Design Studio and benefits from an open floor plan, marble floors, wood panels, and brass components, giving the space an airy, European feel.

Italian and French cuisine is the order of the day here: sample delights such as Chicken Milanese served with arugula and watercress and Polenta Gamber – grilled marinated shrimp with Parmesan polenta and basil puree.

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