Why Graphic Culture Matters: Our First Book Club of 2024 with Rick Poynor

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Thursday, January 18 at 4 pm ET

Start the new year with a thoughtful conversation on the state of design at our next PRINT Book Club! Design critic Rick Poynor will join Debbie Millman and Steven Heller to discuss his book, Why Graphic Culture Matters.

Why Graphic Culture Matters is a collection of 46 essays about graphic design and visual communication, written by Poynor, a non-designer deeply immersed in the practice of graphic communication. Many of these essays – speculative, questioning, sometimes controversial – were first published in PRINT (he was a columnist for 17 years).

Sara De Bondt provided the book design, assisted by Leroy Meyer.
The title is Maax Raw Stencil; The subtitle in Muoto; The author’s name is in Mule.

What a fantastic, compulsive book. There’s just so much in it! Every page opens up new rabbit holes for me to go down.

Brian Eno

Poynor covers such topics as the commercial takeover of design, design criticism and history, the interplay of word and image, design celebrity, the enduring intimacy between art and design, and whether graphic design is still an apt term for what graphic communicators do.

Don’t miss this sure-to-be provocative conversation on Thursday, January 18 at 4 PM ET! Register for the live stream discussion and buy your copy of Why Graphic Culture Matters.

Images courtesy of Rick Poynor

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