Winners Announced For 2023 Hong Kong IMXpo “Miss IMX” and iSHANG Web3 Voting Campaign With New Record High Voting Results

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HONG KONG, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The highly anticipated 2023 Miss IMX Web3 Voting Campaign was successfully held from December 14-17, 2023. This was the second year of running this impactful collaboration event between International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited (IMXpo) and iSHANG Technology Limited (iSHANG), and marked another milestone in the automotive industry as it showcased the latest advancements in technologies and created breakthroughs over traditional voting systems by using Web3 technology.

iSHANG, a leading technology company specializing in Web3 solutions, proudly provided the end-to-end Web3 voting system through its revolutionary “Web3-as-a-Service” (W3aaS) platform. The winners were selected through a transparent and real-time voting process, which was securely operated and tracked on Polygon blockchain with IPFS database, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accuracy.

The winners of the Miss IMX Contest were unveiled during the event, creating much excitement and anticipation. They are Ms. Gigi Fung, Ms. Shirley Lau & Ms. Jeannie Leung for Miss IMX, and Ms. Suki Lau, Ms. Miyuki Sham J & Ms. Jeannie Leung for Web3 voting winners. These remarkable models not only showcased their beauty and charisma, but also became ambassadors for the IMXpo brand.

2023 Miss IMX Web3 Voting Campaign –

Winners Announced For 2023 Hong Kong IMXpo “Miss IMX” and iSHANG Web3 Voting Campaign With New Record High Voting Results

Ms. Dora Li, Co-founder of IMXpo, stated, “We are very delighted to continue our collaboration with iSHANG for the second year of Web3 voting for Ms. IMX contest. By utilizing the latest Web3 voting technology, we have successfully created a fair and transparent voting experience for the contest in a highly effective and cost efficient way. We are impressed by the user friendliness of the Web3 applications and excited about the readiness of our customers for Web3 services. We are extremely pleased to see the amazing result of receiving over 30,000+ votes on the blockchain within the short period. We expect to extend Web3 technologies into other areas of our operations and events in the near future, revolutionizing the way we engage with our audience.”

Mr. Michael Leung, Co-founder of iSHANG, commented, “The second year collaboration between IMXpo and iSHANG represents a significant milestone in our journey towards embracing cutting-edge Web3 technologies. Despite a very challenging year in 2023 for the overall Web3 industry in general, the Miss IMX Web3 Voting application is probably one of the most used, practical, down-to-earth and real-life Web3 applications of the year for the general public of Hong Kong.”

Web3 Voting System – Real-time Transparency, Openness & Fairness

This year, Miss IMX contest continues to push boundaries with iSHANG Web3 voting system, a solution that offers a high level of transparency with real-time data, allowing users to track their voting records on the blockchain and to display them instantly on the leaderboard. Some of the benefits of the iSHANG Web3 voting system includes –

Anonymous voting Accurate & secure voting records Tamper-proof results (including organizers & sponsors) Cost-effective & time-saving Real-time collection & processing of votes Instant display of voting status for easy monitoring Voting results can be audited & verified to ensure accurate calculations

By bridging the physical and digital realms, iSHANG enabled IMXpo to expand its presence in the Web3 space with minimal investment and operation resources. The Miss IMX contest Web3 voting campaign demonstrated the transformative power of Web3 technologies to help traditional companies create new marketing opportunities, connect with a broader audience, and shape the future of brand engagement and innovation in a highly effective and cost efficient way.

“Royal Series NFTs”

iSHANG will create a limited collector’s version of the “Royal Series NFT of Miss IMX winners” as a free gift, and will give to each participant who voted for any of the winners as extra reward users for supporting this voting campaign. These unique “Royal Series NFT” can be freely priced and resold on the iSHANG NFT marketplace and other NFT marketplaces (i.e: OpenSea) thereafter.

About iSHANG Technology Limited (iSHANG)

iSHANG operates a “Web3-as-a-Service” (W3aaS) platform that provides the infrastructure and a gateway for brands & enterprises to enter into the Web3 market. iSHANG W3aaS platform developed 10+ turnkey decentralized services & applications that are built on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain using IPFS (Inter Planetary Filing System) decentralized storage system. In addition, iSHANG also offers one-stop consulting services empowering mainstream brands and enterprises to transform their businesses and enable them to offer revolutionary ways for brand engagement, customer acquisition & retention. Ultimately, iSHANG provides an end-to-end solution for brands and enterprises to launch customized and innovative Web3 Enterprise Vertical Applications in a timely & cost-efficient way. 

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About International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited (IMXpo)

International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited is comprised of members from a wide range of backgrounds. Senior personnel are experts in exhibitions and conventions, mega show and auto sports management, marketing, and promotions, from all over the world. They have extensive experience in organizing international mega-events, including the famous Bologna Motor Show in Italy, Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, regional large-scale celebratory activities and auto-related races. Some have also taken up senior positions at the headquarters of famous car manufacturers, and have close connections with famous designer brands.

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