Winning Branding Ideas from World’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies

Why are some digital marketing agencies referred to as the best? It is because the top digital marketing agencies keep coming up with new ideas.

Let us look at some of these exceptional branding concepts and marketing campaigns. And how they can be applied by companies looking for digital marketing help.

We can learn a lot from the world’s top digital marketing agencies. They are always looking for novel ideas to help them win more clients and stay ahead of the competition.

Choose Purpose Over Only Sales

In a concentrated landscape of digital marketing agencies, companies need to stand out. While it is about sales, selling is not always the sole goal. Digital marketing companies aim to have a purpose for themselves and not just their clients.

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Suppose you are a digital marketing brand yourself, serving clients. In that case, you should also focus on developing a branding idea that depends on having and providing purpose rather than promising only sales. In branding, having a purpose defines the company’s personality, vision, and mission. A sense of purpose creates happiness, optimism, and resilience for the brand and its market.

And while you are at it, present your agency with consistency. For example, Porter Novelli uses orange in their social media as it means creativity, stimulation, freedom, fascination, balance, determination, and change.

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Among the many marketing campaigns the company has run: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The idea was to involve people in an activity in which someone or the person themself pours a bucket of ice over their head. The purpose was to spread awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease and garner donations.

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Branding Idea: Have a purpose (not just a goal) for your company and every campaign you make for a client. This creates a strong and lasting connection between the brand, the campaign, and the audience.

“Today, we are a global agency with the entrepreneurial spirit of boutique specialists. We continue to build that bridge between purpose and business imperatives.” – Porter Novelli

Let’s look at another example of a digital marketing agency with a winning branding idea.

Shape a Better Future Through Connections

The rise of digital branding has been a game-changer in the marketing industry. Companies must invest more time and money into their digital presence to stay competitive. Technology is exponentially evolving and advancing. These days, it’s about how to combine tech and design to build a meaningful connection

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Deloitte Digital is a sub-brand of Deloitte that aims to elevate people’s experiences by connecting the three dots: tech, design, and talent. A growing company adapts to change and embraces evolution.

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And to be honest, technology and design lag in their duty if they cannot accentuate human experiences.

The 2019 campaign by Suzuki, ‘For Fun’s Sake’ by Deloitte Digital was to join the social media conversation of showing off one’s social status through materialistic things. The concept was shared on television, online networking platforms, and digital display ads.

Branding Idea: When creating anything for your brand, incorporate design, technology, and people into it. Look good, be where the discourse is, and humanize your branding and marketing.

“We help leading brands unlock the promise of tomorrow by helping them pursue solutions that create change today.” – Deloitte Digital

It’s time to look at another example of an astounding branding idea from the world’s top digital marketing agencies.

Put Creativity In The Center Of It All

Creativity is the lifeblood of any business. Companies invest ample time and energy in developing their brand identities and marketing strategies to ensure they are ahead of the game. It sets them apart from the competition and gives them an edge in the market. However, creativity doesn’t just happen on its own. It needs to be nurtured, cultivated and encouraged by those within a company.

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Grey Group is a marketing agency that thrives on creativity to solve problems. Any branding idea relies on a creative concept, but creativity looks best when original and innovative.

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Way to present one’s digital marketing agency as a service that solves problems with creativity, it is vital to set your company apart from others in a way that those looking at you online instantly realize your imagination.

The most recent marketing campaign by Grey Global can be classified as a creative effort to solve the global problem of breast cancer in women.

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Branding Idea: Creativity makes sense when branding and marketing solve a problem – not just a business problem but a social, political, economic, or institutional problem. Solve something with your creative endeavors.

“Creativity solves business problems.” – Grey Global

Make A Bigger Impact

Having an impact on sales is one aspect of advertising and marketing. However, to reach the next level, marketing needs to have a bigger purpose (as elucidated before in this article) and a much more significant impact. Instead of influencing only the target market, it’ll be incredible to affect a society, a culture.

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To have an impact on culture, the digital marketing agency should be able to create content that is both engaging and relevant. McCann is a global advertising and marketing agency that believes in leaving a “lasting impact on culture.”

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Branding Tip: The most powerful branding and marketing ideas are the ones that can influence a particular culture. It is when your agency has done more than simply attained the benchmark. It is when your agency becomes a brand itself.

“McCann helps brands build the most meaningful brand platforms that drive exponential growth and leave a lasting impact on culture.” – McCann

Make A Difference

Today, digital marketing is not simply about displaying the product but also about attaching a lifestyle to it and making a difference. It means that a campaign should be powerful enough to bring a change, revolutionize, or move and shake a society. Mostly this is done by picking a social, economic, or political issue.

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Havas Group is a world-renowned public relations and advertising agency headquartered in France. They combine media and creativity to produce campaigns that stand out in a concentrated market of brands.

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One of the most iconic campaigns by Havas Group is ‘Undercover Avatar’, which aimed to offer support to abused children through a game-like character and interactive online chats with their favorite influencers.

Branding Tip: Don’t just sell; make a difference with your idea. Make it stand out by touching peoples’ lives and connecting them in a way that’ll inspire or awaken them.

“Making a meaningful difference…” – Havas Group

Ending Note

The world has become more and more competitive in recent years. To stand out among the crowd, businesses need to find new ways of marketing their products and services. Thus, branding has become essential to any company’s marketing strategy.

Yes, branding and marketing go hand in hand, and it is often difficult to separate them. For example, a logo design can act as a branding asset and a marketing aid. Thus, one must go the extra mile to shine more in a market with many stars!

Those providing branding and marketing services to clients must create and manage an outstanding image, so they’re the top picks.

Start branding today.

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