Woven Image launches new colour palette of acoustic products for office interiors

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Promotion: international brand Woven Image has launched a new colour range that can be applied to its collection of acoustic products, designed to add injections of colour while providing sound absorption to workplace settings.

The newly added colours include Butter 106, Cayenne 484, Dusk 495, Mint 573 and Nutmeg 721, which can be applied to Woven Image‘s sound-absorbing wall coverings, ceiling tiles, ceiling baffles and room dividers.

“Woven Image embraces the uncertainty of the evolving workplace coupled with advances in technology to release a refreshing colour palette of new tones,” said Woven Image.

The new colour palette includes two shades of brown

Dusk 495 is a muted pinkish colour that was designed to be applied across expansive walls in open-plan offices as well as accent walls.

“Capturing the ethereal allure of magical sunsets, Dusk 495 provides a unique hue comprised of a subtle fusion of tones between peach and mauve,” said Woven Image.

The brand’s pastel-toned blue-green Mint 573 intends to add a sense of calm and relaxation to an interior, while Butter 106 aims to be a cheerful statement with its sunny yellow hue.

Dusk combines tones of peach and mauve

“Mint 573 captures a fresh juxtaposition of pastel-style tones with a glow reminiscent of refractions of light beams from patina-style surfaces and translucent tropical waters,” said Woven Image.

“Happy yellow sunbeams see the introduction of colour Butter 106 to the master palette,” the brand added. “This fresh, positive hue provides an elegant alternative solution to a traditional neutral palette.”

Nutmeg takes cues from oak

Woven Image designed two brown nature-inspired tones in keeping with recent interior trends. Cayenne 484 has a warm, “spicey” hue, while Nutmeg 721 was informed by the colour of oak wood.

“With the post-Covid-19 human passion to connect with nature and embrace earthy natural hues, the popularity of browns, chocolates, caramels and wood tone shades preside,” said the brand.

“Cayenne 484 supports this trend, providing a unique depth of colour with a warm and spicey accent, and Nutmeg 721 completes the earthy palette, mimicking a natural oak wood tone whilst providing a rich, decadent caramel hue,” Woven Image added.

The colour collection can be applied to a range of Woven Image products

The colour collection is available for Woven Image’s Embossed panels, Array acoustic ceiling baffles, Fuji ceiling tiles, and EchoPanel acoustic surfaces, which come in a range of thicknesses and with graphic engraved patterns.

Across Woven Image’s collections, the brand aims to offer contemporary and sustainable ways to add sound absorption to workplace settings.

According to the brand, it offers a digital print library to showcase the possibilities of its customisable designs and remains committed to manufacturing its products with “resource efficiency and dematerialisation in mind, while minimising environmental impact”.

Woven Image says that its acoustic product portfolio boasts impressive sustainable credentials, which include an environmental product declaration recognised by BREEAM and LEED, GreenStar and WELL.

“The Woven Image acoustic product portfolio boasts some impressive sustainable credentials, including Global GreenTag certification (GreenRate Level A), with the maximum Product Health Declaration Platinum Health, Red List Free and published ingredient transparency with Declare,” said the brand.

“Product ingredient transparency and third-party verified environmental certifications enable Woven Image products to be specified with confidence and in good conscience to the planet and occupants of their client’s projects.”

To learn more about Woven Image, visit its website.

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