Xinhua Silk Road: Chinese baijiu brand enlivens foreign Spring Festival celebrations as symbol of “harmonious happiness”

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BEIJING, Feb. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Wuliangye, a reputed Chinese baijiu brand, gained recently momentum as a popular embodiment of the Chinese culture-representing “harmonious happiness” in foreign celebrations of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

After the Spring Festival was designated as a UN floating holiday in December 2023, the Chinese baijiu brand was spotted in more of the diversified festive celebrations for the traditional Chinese festival abroad.

On January 29, the exquisite producing technique and unique flavor of Wuliangye featuring mellow taste left deep impression on the 400-plus Chinese and foreign guests attending a Wuliangye-branded 2024 Spring Festival gathering for overseas Chinese convened in Madrid of Spain.

Elsewhere in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a local consumer said that baijiu products under the Chinese baijiu brand Wuliangye aroused our keen interest for Chinese liquor and traditional Chinese culture when participating in the 2024 Spring Festival celebration held on February 3.

Similar to the Wuliangye products lover, other local people in Dubai were also attracted by the splendid Chinese paper cutting, face changing of Sichuan Opera, and other intangible cultural heritage programs highlighting the Chinese baijiu brand’s “harmonious happiness” cultural spirit staged at its exhibition booth in Dubai.

In Moscow of Russia, Wuliangye made its debut on February 9 as the chief cooperation partner of the Spring Festival-themed cultural activities held in the China trade center there and bridging the Chinese and Russian cultures, related baijiu products of Wuliangye were broadly applauded by local tourists thanks to their fascinating flavors.

Also spotted in Spring Festival celebrations in Australia, Canada, Fiji, Italy, the UK, and France, baijiu products under the brand of Wuliangye have accompanied lots of baijiu-loving consumers abroad and at home in welcoming the Chinese Lunar New Year or the Year of Dragon since early February.

As a universal vehicle for people to express happiness and deepen friendship, Wuliangye, a typical representative of Chinese baijiu products, is delivering more and more signals of “harmonious happiness” to people around the world in the increasingly frequent bilateral and multilateral cultural exchanges between China and other countries. 

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