Xinhua Silk Road: E.China’s Tengzhou hosts potato expo to seek opening-driven development

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BEIJING, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In east China-located Tengzhou, the recently concluded 13th China Potato Expo cast spotlight on how the county-level city leverages opening up policy to boost development of local potato industry.

During October 23-25, the “Big Food, Big Industry and Big Platform”-themed 13th China Potato Expo held in the city drew exhibitors in excess of 500 ones from 30 provinces in China and 18 countries and regions in the world and over 30,000 visitors on the first day.

Targeting to add new impetus to sustainable development of local potato industry, Tengzhou, widely known for its high-quality potato produce, held the expo to explore with guests from home and abroad opportunities for further developing the potato industry.

Boasting a nearly century-old history of potato plantation, Tengzhou is called the hometown of potato in China and local potatoes are welcomed in both domestic and foreign markets thanks to their good appearance, thin and smooth skin, yellow skin and flesh, pleasant taste, rich nutrition and high quality.

Based on the excellent quality of local potatoes, Tengzhou, which has the best-yielding double-cropping planting areas for potatoes, advanced deep processing of potatoes and development of potato stable food to extend local potato industrial chain.

A series of popular potato stable food and leisure food such as potato pancakes, potato dumplings, baked cheese and mashed potato, and potato salad have been developed to better satisfy the diversified demands of consumers.

By adhering to the principle of fostering big agriculture, the city has crafted a potato industrial chain composed of planting, sales and processing of potatoes and well integrating with related R&D to boost high-quality development of local potato industry.


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