Xinhua Silk Road: Sports industry empowers city development in SE China’s Jinjiang

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BEIJING, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jinjiang city of southeast China’s Fujian province has been making efforts in recent years to promote the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism, accelerating construction of China’s sports powerhouse.

After four years, the 2023 International University Sports Federation (FISU) University Football World Cup, the world’s top football competition for college students, kicked off again recently in Jinjiang.

The World Cup, which is in full swing, has pushed this year’s Jinjiang high-quality sports events to a new climax. According to Xu Zizhu, director of Jinjiang Sports Bureau, this year Jinjiang has hosted 30 sports events at or above the provincial level, and has held 23 competitions including CBA, rural basketball competition, and National Youth U17 Women’s volleyball championship etc.

With improvement of sport competitions level, Jinjiang has promoted the integrated development of cultural and sports tourism with events, said Vice Mayor Wu Zunyi. According to Wu, the total output value of Jinjiang’s sports industry has exceeded 250 billion yuan, the added value accounts for nearly a quarter of the city’s GDP, and the number of employees in relevant industries has reached 333,000.

In various sports games, local sports brand in Jinjiang have been a solid backing for athletes and shone.

The city has strengthened the driving effect of leading sports enterprises, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises such as Anta, 361°. Currently, the city has 5 national sports industry demonstration units, more than 20 well-known sports trademarks in China, and owns or acquires 33 well-known international sports brands.

In recent years, ANTA Group has sponsored events such as the Chinese Olympic Committee, the Winter Olympics, and the NBA. SHUA became the official fitness equipment supplier of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. While becoming a partner of major events, the sports companies have achieved an overall improvement in brand competitiveness.

As one of the first national sports and fitness demonstration cities in China, Jinjiang pays special attention to advancing the interactive development of mass sports, competitive sports and sports industry.

Jinjiang has invested an average of 5 million yuan per year on extension of sports facilities in towns and villages. By 2022, the per capita site area in the city has increased from 1.8 square meters five years ago to 3.06 square meters.

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