XPENG AEROHT Concept Invites Adventurers to Take to the Sky in Their Own “Flying Car”

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Long before the Rivian R1T or Tesla Cybertruck arrived onto the scene, traditional 4×4 trucks and SUVs have allowed adventurers to explore the depths of back country terrain with sure-wheeled confidence. But now, that all seems tame and antiquated compared to the wild promises being made by XPENG AEROHT with their 6×6 all-wheel drive concept EV. The immense “Land Aircraft Carrier” rolls across a six-wheel configuration and houses an additional means of exploration no other company has yet to offer – its very own personal eVTOL aircraft.

XPENG AEROHT showcased the Land Aircraft Carrier at the recent CES 2024, going into detail about the two-unit transportation system, which includes a ground module comfortably accommodating 4-5 passengers and a rugged six wheels powered by an extended-range hybrid power system. Notably, it operates just like headphones dipped into a large Apple AirPods case, capable of recharging the eVTOL aircraft housed within it multiple times.

The sharp lines and sleek surfaces are described as reminiscent of a “lunar exploration vehicle,” a fair comparison with more than passing visual cues shared by Tesla’s cyberpunk-inspired design or the Bauhaus-inspired Canoo.

While the idea of camping with the extended-range hybrid powered Land Aircraft Carrier seems more than feasible, the family shown camping above seem horribly underdressed for such frigid conditions.

The 270° panoramic two-person cockpit offers occupant’s views unlike any other EV.

XPENG AEROHT is categorizing the separate air module as a “flying car,”
but it’s more accurate to call it a small electric aircraft or oversized drone you can pilot. Capable of vertical takeoff and low-altitude flight, the ornithopter-like aircraft uses a distributed electric propulsion system supporting both manual and automatic flying modes, providing an accessible flying experience.

Before you write-off this concept as a lark, its worth noting the Chinese EV manufacturer XPENG AEROHT ranks as the largest flying car company in Asia and they’ve fine tuned several iterations of the flying car concept. Most notable is the supercar-styled XPENG AEROHT eVTOL flying car. According to XPENG AEROHT, there are plans to start mass production of their Land Aircraft Carrier as soon as 2025 with a price likely well into the six-figure price range.

To learn more about the future of flying cars with XPENG AEROHT visit aeroht.com.

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