Yoshino Named No. 1 in Home Category Among the 50 Greatest Innovations of 2023

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TOKYO, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yoshino, a leading technology company, has been recognized as the top innovator in the Home category by Popular Science, a renowned US website that celebrates groundbreaking advancements.

YOSHINO B Series Power Station

Innovation is not always about radical transformations; sometimes, it is the small adjustments that have far-reaching effects beyond their respective industries. Popular Science’s prestigious list of 50 greatest innovations includes remarkable inventions such as Yoshino’s 50-pound solid-state battery power station, a technology that has historically faced significant scalability challenges. However, it also acknowledges the impact of seemingly iterative changes, like a small spring in a shock-absorbing hammer or a convenient lever in an easy-to-install power outlet. These incremental advancements can create a ripple effect, with the potential to shape industries for years to come.

“We are thrilled to present our latest breakthrough to the world. At Yoshino, we are dedicated to sustainably exploring new frontiers, catering to users across the globe. Our continuous technological advancements serve as a strong foundation for this,” expressed Makoto Sato, the Head of Brand at Yoshino.

Yoshino’s solid-state technology revolutionizes energy storage with the world’s first power stations utilizing solid-state batteries. These batteries provide longer-lasting and more powerful alternatives to traditional lithium-ion batteries. Yoshino’s power stations, delivering 300 to 3300 watts of portable power, are already available. These efficient devices eliminate the risk of dangerous fires associated with lithium-ion batteries, thanks to the solid and resilient nature of solid-state batteries compared to liquid electrolyte-based alternatives.

Yoshino’s achievement in developing solid-state battery technology for portable power stations not only revolutionizes the way homes are powered but also paves the way for future advancements across various industries. Their commitment to driving innovation in the home sector has earned them the Grand Award in Popular Science’s Home category.

The 50 greatest innovations of 2023:


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About Yoshino:

Yoshino is a leading technology company at the forefront of power innovation. They are revolutionizing energy storage with their cutting-edge solid-state batteries, empowering homes and businesses with reliable and advanced solutions. Yoshino’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries is shaping the future of power generation and distribution.


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